Discover Seven Falls

Experience Colorado at Seven falls

Behind you the prairies extend for hundreds of dry miles to the east. Ahead, the foothills rise abruptly, divided by winding streams that have carved out verdant valleys. Enter South Cheyenne Canyon – only five minutes from the very civilized Broadmoor Hotel – and you find yourself immersed in Colorado’s famous natural beauty. Discover Seven Falls today!

Colorado’s Grandest Mile

Called “The Grandest Mile of Scenery” in Colorado, the approach to Seven Falls excites the senses and forshadows the dramatic landscape ahead. Crystal clear water from the Pikes Peak watershed has shaped a spectacular natural box canyon: the steep-walled, enclosed canyon that’s become symbolic of the American West.

The Pillars of Hercules

The towering Pillars of Hercules flank the canyon and amplify its grandeur as they rise to over 900 feet above the canyon floor … while narrowing to a mere 41 feet apart. And cutting through their pink granite, we find the only waterfall in Colorado to have earned a spot on National Geographic’s list of International Waterfalls.

Step Into a Natural Wonder

Once inside Seven Falls, you’ll be enveloped by cliffs and delighted by the cascade of water. The falls tumble 181 feet down the head of this box canyon, dancing from granite face to granite face in seven distinct leaps.

So Much More Than a Waterfall

For those who want to dive into nature and are seeking adventure, take the 224 steps by the side of the falls that lead to hiking trails and the banks of the glistening stream that feeds the falls, or try the optional Broadmoor Soaring Adventure zip-line tours —a thrilling exploration above Seven Falls, following rope bridges and culminating in a rappel. Others might prefer a more leisurely experience. For them, browsing our shops, dining at the exquisite new Restaurant 1858 or strolling the 2,500-foot-long, natural-surface walking trail is sure to delight.

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