Seven Falls is privately owned, but dedicated to preserving and protecting the natural landscape of one of Colorado’s finest gems. We invite you to join us in promoting this cause and in celebrating our rich history of Seven Falls.

Portrait of James Hull

James Hull

Early History of Seven Falls

On December 5, 1872, Nathaniel Colby homesteaded the 160 acres that included the present-day Seven Falls and South Cheyenne Canyon. Apparently Colby did not anticipate the potential value of his purchase, for nine months later he sold the patent to the Colorado Springs Land company for $1000.

Later owners realized little profit from the land until 1882 when James Hull purchased the property for $1300. Mr. Hull was a naturalist who was disturbed to note the scenic beauty of the canyon was being threatened by the felling of trees for their lumber value. Hull had already purchased 160 acres west of Seven Falls for $500 and later secured an additional 80 acres by preemption in 1885. With 400 acres including the heart of the canyon Hull became one of Colorado’s earliest environmental protectors and the first owner to fully appreciate the true value of this scenic masterpiece.

Hull was also a businessman, and he understood the value of the “ranch” as it was then called. He advertised the property as a scenic resort and began to improve it by constructing a road through the canyon to the Seven Falls and building a stairway along the side of the Falls. He installed a toll gate at the foot of the canyon and proceeded to do business. Access to the Falls in those days was largely by carriages, burros and saddle horses furnished by a local entrepreneur named Hunter who paid James Hull and his sons $500 for the privilege of taking passengers to the Falls for 25 cents each. Business flourished and Seven Falls became a prominent tourist attraction.

In 1900 after Hull’s sons took over the property the county assessor valued the property at $80,000 while the local newspaper, The Gazette, suggested the value at over $200,000. In 1905 the property now containing 1400 acres was purchased by C.D. Weimer for $250,000.

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