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An Iconic Colorado Experience

Celebrating our 140th Anniversary in 2023, Seven Falls has been a treasured piece of Colorado Springs history that is a truly inspirational destination.

A sojourn there is so much more than just a visit to a waterfall. The enclave is reminiscent of an otherworldly, mystical garden that is a feast for the senses. The combination of the sound of rushing water, the sight of the variety of flora and fauna, the scent of the ever-present dampness mixed with fresh mountain air, and the sheer beauty of the surroundings is a true balm for the soul.

The series of seven waterfalls is located in a 1,250-foot-wall box canyon between the towering Pillars of Hercules, and tumbles over 180 feet through seven distinct leaps of sparkling water. The falls can be accessed either by traversing 224 steps to the top, hiking the one-mile trial, or by zipping up 14 stories to the Eagle’s Nest observation platform via a swift elevator ride.

About the Park

As one of the state’s most captivating natural wonders, and the only waterfall in Colorado on National Geographic’s list of International Waterfalls, Seven Falls has been a staple of the Pikes Peak Region since 1883.

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Upcoming Events

With plenty in store throughout the year, including special events, contests, unique offers and more, we welcome you to be a part of our anniversary celebration to recognize and appreciate an iconic Colorado Springs landmark.

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Hiking Trails

Featuring two beautiful hiking trails with varying degrees of difficulty, immerse yourself in Colorado’s mountain landscape.

Shops & Retail

After experiencing the beauty of the falls, commemorate your visit with a special souvenir!

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Park Map

Map out your trip to Seven Falls and see for yourself all the opportunities that await you inside the park.

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Whether you’re looking for adventure, exploration, or a little slice of paradise, picture yourself inside the park.

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Behind you the prairies extend for hundreds of dry miles to the east. Ahead, the foothills rise abruptly, divided by winding streams that have carved out verdant valleys. Enter South Cheyenne Canyon – only five minutes from The Broadmoor – and you find yourself immersed in Colorado’s famous natural beauty at Seven Falls.

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