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About the Park

About The Park

Seven Falls has been a staple of the Pikes Peak Region since 1883, when the first visitors were charged a toll of 10 cents to visit the park by road. Today, as one of the state’s most captivating natural wonders, Seven Falls is an important part of the heritage of the Western United States. It’s historic, it’s moving, and it’s a journey in and of itself.

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History & Legacy

Experiencing the park is like walking the footsteps of history, and now the adventure is even more inspiring.

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Names of The Falls

From Ramona to Feather, Hull and Weimer, and more, there’s a name and a story with each fall.

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Rock Formations

Upon entering the canyon, one sees massive walls of Pikes Peak granite and rock formations with names like Eagle’s Cliff, Half Dome, Alligator’s Head, Prospect Dome and Washington’s Profile.