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Hiking in the Area

Seven Falls features two beautiful hiking trails with varying degrees of difficulty. These trails give you a chance to immerse yourself in Colorado’s mountain landscape and enjoy its unparalleled scenery and wildlife. The trails close in the evenings and during inclement weather, so please plan your descent accordingly. Hiking trails begin atop our 224-step stairway and the 400-foot climbs are moderately difficult, so footwear should be sturdy and protective (flip-flops are not appropriate).

A Person Walking On A Path In The Woods

Trail to Inspiration Point (One Hour Round Trip)

Opened in 1883, this one-mile trail is Seven Falls’ longest and has been the most popular for well over a century. The winding trail leads to Inspiration Point where guests enjoy a spectacular view of the Great Plains and the city of Colorado Springs. This is also the location of the original grave site of renowned writer Helen Hunt Jackson. It was her last request that she be buried here at the spot that inspired so many of her famous poems.

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Trail to Midnight Falls (1/2 Hour Round Trip)

This short hike leads to the small, yet sparkling Midnight Falls. A hundred years ago this was a favorite and secluded spot for Colorado College students to visit late at night. Midnight Falls is near the headwaters of South Cheyenne Creek that is formed by springs and from snowmelt on Pikes Peak.