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Behind you the prairies extend for hundreds of dry miles to the east. Ahead, the foothills rise abruptly, divided by winding streams that have carved out verdant valleys. Enter South Cheyenne Canyon – only five minutes from The Broadmoor – and you find yourself immersed in Colorado’s famous natural beauty at Seven Falls.

The stunning views aren’t the only sights waiting for you. Part of the adventure is what you see along the way. Once inside the canyon, nature abounds with fascinating wildlife, and visitors frequently see mule deer, bald eagles, mountain chickadees, chipmunks, squirrels, and more.

For those who want to dive into nature and are seeking adventure, take the 224 steps by the side of the falls that lead to hiking trails and the banks of the glistening stream that feeds the falls. Or just stroll the 2,500-foot-long, natural-surface walking trail that runs along the canyon.